Advantages and disadvantages of Hot Dip Tin and Reflow Tin, Bright tin, Matte tin 1

Application Selection Notes for HDT (suitability for Hot-Dip Tin)

The surface of hot-dip pure tin HDT0.5-1.5μm is relatively hard, mainly to reduce the insertion force, reduce fretting corrosion, have excellent softening resistance at high temperatures, and are not easy to flow tin and tin.

Hot dip Tin

Hot pure tin HDT1-3μm has high surface hardness and low insertion force, which is the choice of conventional connectors and other products.
Hot pure tin HDT3-6μm has good corrosion resistance and significantly improves brazing performance.
Hot-dip pure tin 10-20μm different products choose coating types

Types of  Tin plating for different products

Types of Tin plating for different products

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