Performance Introduction of CuZr0.1/C15100

CuZr0.1 is a copper-zirconium alloy material, a high-conductivity, medium-strength heat-resistant copper alloy material, which can maintain the strength of 400Mpa at a temperature of 300℃. It is the preferred material for high-performance copper alloys for high-temperature connectors, lead frames, switches, circuit breakers, shrapnel, and high-voltage contacts.

Larson Miller change line graph of high temperature strength of CuZr0.1 and C70250

Figure: Larson-Miller change line graph of high-temperature strength of CuZr0.1 and C70250

high temperature connectors and circuit breakers

CuZr0.1 Machining characteristics

Cold formability: Excellent
Thermoformability: Excellent
Brazing, Tin Soldering: Excellent
Brazing: Good
Oxyacetylene welding: not applicable
Gas shielded arc welding: not applicable

Source: Shanghai Kinmachi New Material Technology organized from the Internet

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